Meet Bruno!

Meet Bruno!

We are happy to announce another new family member. Named after a loved and supportive family that has been our supporters for years, Bruno is a stunning under a year old Bobcat. He has not had an easy start at life. He was illegally purchased as a baby. The owner was heading to boot camp so asked her friend to babysit her bobcat. The friend thought that sounded cool a bobcat! he transported this beautiful innocent fella illegally across 3 states to his trailer and was in a cage in his kitchen in PA. He quickly realized that the idea of caring for bobcat was way different then he expected so he called the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help. To comply legally the directer called in PA Game Commission. Pretty soon 3 states were involved in this now criminal case. The agencies were going to euthanize Bruno. The babysitter learned of the fate this guy would face due to his and his friends bad decision so he called us and asked if we could please help. Thankfully upon calling the directer she was also doing everything she could to give officials another option. All 3 states and officials signed the bobcat over to us and we picked him up yesterday. He will be getting his first vet treatment and neutered very soon . We are so thankful for each officer, Pocono Wildlife and yes the babysitter who called us and them for help. While he made a huge mistake he did right by calling for help. Thank you. We have him in a temporary habitat...if you would like to donate towards his enclosure please do so!

 Welcome! East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal sanctuary located in the rural foot-hill mountains of Fairfield, Pennsylvania.


Our unique sanctuary is home to more than 40 species of exotic animals including birds, carnivores, primates and reptiles.

The sanctuary provides homes for misused, abused, or otherwise cast out animals. These animals were displaced for many reason including; laboratory retirement, zoo surplus, or pet trade. For all of them, the rescue provides a lasting refuge where they will live the rest of their lives.

Living forever - not in a zoo - but a home. 

PLEASE READ!!! Due to personal and health reasons we have to get back to our core values. The health, welfare and quality of care for our animals has to be our main and primary mission this season. We are NOT excepting any new animals. The animals we have promised a home to need and deserve our full attention. Until we have a surplus of finances and can have more quality trained volunteers and staff all our resources and energy will be going to our current furry family members.

We will only be open weekends (weather permitting)

We will not be doing tours this season

We are very sorry for any inconvenience but there are many places that are more tourist focused. We hope our that our rescue members who understand and know our hearts, will stay with us. Please send good wishes to a few of our long time volunteers that are battling serious life threatening illnesses.We are hopeful that this is a temporary situation.

* We are not able to train new volunteers at this time

Ways you can help!

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Do you have horses?

We recently enrolled in a program called SHOW. We receive funds from proof of purchase seals on the back of bags from Legends, Pro Elite and Southern States feed bags. Mail us the proof of purchase coupons and we will do the rest.

Auction Items

Our auction will be held October 13, 2019. Start thinking about donating those items that we can in turn auction off! This is one of our best fundraisers and we depend on you to keep it going.

Community Aid Container

When doing your spring cleaning think about bringing clothes, shoes, and not-glass household items to the bin. We get a percentage and it helps families in our community as well.