Q: When trying to donate, I noticed a PO box mailing address in Hagerstown, MD and noticed you are located in Fairfield, PA is this your organization or someone taking advantage of you?

A: Over a year ago we signed on with a direct mailing company to help us raise funds and awareness of plight of exotics. It costs us nothing to participate and does help us. The Hagerstown address is a Direct Mail caging company that receives the donations and then pays first the writers, postage, and copying fees ... we then get a check from them after costs inured are met. This literally saved our rescue from going under and allowed us to get exposed to donors we never would have known about. We still greatly benefit from this mailing..you can donate through that address or directly to us ECEAR 320 Zoo Rd. Fairfield, PA 17320 or even Paypal. All donations make a difference and is greatly appreciated!