Twenty-One Years!


sue and mellisa.jpg

For the past twenty-one years the rescue has been my home; my happy place. My heart and passion. Due to a cancer diagnosis and grim prognosis, I have had to scale back and fight for my life right now. That means emails may be delayed, messages may take while longer to get returned and newsletters are a few months late. Please understand that we are a small group of dedicated volunteers that have real struggles too. The animals need fed and card for, even if everyone is sick or it is a holiday, or we are having personal issues. With me being unable to physically be at the rescue this leaves more for Sue, Zach and the other volunteers to handle.

Sue, who always gives 105% needs your understanding now too. She cares for the animals 24/7 despite anything she is going through personally, physically or mentally. It is part of taking in these amazing animals. It is a hard calling, but one she does willingly and faithfully. We are adjusting things to help us get through this rough patch.

·      Guided tours and weekday visits are not going to be scheduled this season so we can regroup and fight.

We ho­­pe you understand this need. The animals are our priority and they need all of our time and energy right now.

We are very thankful to all our members and supporters that help us continue our mission.