Our Mission

"To provide the best home we can for the animals in our care. In addition, to reduce the number of exotics that suffer the fate of abuse, abandonment or extinction by teaching people about the plight of exotics."

We are a non-profit organization in the Appalachian foothills near Fairfield, Pennsylvania. This unique sanctuary is home to more than 40 species of exotic animals. For all of them, the rescue provides a lasting refuge where they can live their days in peace and safety. We hope you will visit us to learn more about these magnificent animals!

The rescue’s goals include:

1. Provide a safe haven for these magnificent animals, many of whom have experienced a lifetime of displacement from their natural habitat and, in some cases, horrible mistreatments.

2. Offer education to the public about the special needs of captive exotic animals who are unable to help themselves.

3. Fundraise to keep the rescue operational.

Working with a supportive and involved board of directors and a few highly dedicated volunteers at the rescue, we are here not to promote these animals as pets, but rather to provide clear examples of the consequences of human self-interest and interference in the animals’ lives.

The survival rate among animals who are trapped, transported, and sold in pet stores is terribly low. In many cases, only one out of ten “pets” survives the trip from jungle to human home. We humans have the ability to make choices, a power that the animals we serve do not have. Their choices were made for them, usually at the animals’ expense.