Visitor October 2017

We took the boys to Fairfield, PA today to the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue. If you are in Pennsylvania, please go one weekend and consider supporting them. It is not what you would consider an “impressive” facility, but after spending a couple of hours there, talking to multiple volunteers (it is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization) and spending time walking around, Keith and I were so moved by their mission and plan on becoming members. Their brochure reads “Our greatest desire is to improve the quality of life for each furry family member and provide a lifetime of care. As a result, we compare ourselves to an animal assisted living facility. You will see animals with arthritis and ailments and would not be considered good exhibits. To us it is part of the cycle of life. They are not exhibits, they are family.” This was evident by the way the volunteers interacted with these animals. One woman had brought the birds puzzle pieces to tear apart and baby toys to play with because the birds are happier when they have something to do. And another volunteer had a lawn chair next to the lioness’s habitat because she lost her sister and he likes to keep her company. They are doing amazing work there for these animals. 

Visitor Oct 2017

We just loved it. We're going to drum up as much support for you all that we can! It's so special to see people close to home doing such awesome work. ❤️